We Provide Psychological Evaluations For The Following:

Psychological evaluation is available at Curis Functional Health. Psychological evaluations are an integral part of treatment for many different issues, and for obtaining services or medical clearance. Curis’ psychologists are capable of providing the following evaluations:

Psychological Evaluation- at Rejuvenate

Bariatric Surgery (Gastric bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Banding): This surgery is a life-changing surgery for those who are struggling with obesity. Psychological evaluations are necessary as part of the comprehensive understanding of those who are good candidates. Curis’ psychologists do these type of evaluations for hospitals rated as “Centers Of Excellence” in the following states:

Alabama • Arizona • Colorado • Delaware • District of Columbia • Georgia • Illinois • Kansas • Kentucky * Maryland • Minnesota • Missouri • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • North Carolina  * Ohio • Oklahoma • Pennsylvania • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Virginia 

Don’t just go to anyone for this life-changing evaluation, go to the doctors who know.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluation For Children And Adults: ADHD is one of the most over-diagnosed and often mis-diagnosed mental health conditions in children. The reason why is because most people are diagnosed from a very short “checklist” from their primary care physician. ADHD is a complicated mental health issue that does not have a singular “test” that can be given to make the diagnosis. Curis’ psychologists spend time with each individual, parents of the child, and run a comprehensive battery of tests to be sure of the diagnosis.

Autism Spectrum Evaluations: Curis psychologists will test for autism in children ages 2 and up. We will assess the child through a clinical interview and determine the testing that is appropriate in order to come to an appropriate diagnosis.

Intelligence: Curis has the ability to test an individual’s IQ. Many times those with intellectual problems need to have their IQ determined in order to receive services or benefits to help them. We are able to determine the IQ along with looking at adaptive functioning in order to obtain the right diagnosis.

Learning Disability: Many children have learning disabilities, which significantly impacts their school functioning. As a result, these children need to have their learning tested to determine which services are needed in the school setting. Curis’ psychologists spend time with each child and parent to assess them in a clinical interview and perform a battery of tests that allow us to determine the presence or absence of a learning disability.

Spinal Cord Stimulator: Spinal cord stimulators are used as a surgical option to reduce pain. Most of these individuals need to have a psychological evaluation in order to be “cleared” to have the surgery. Curis’ psychologists provide this service and communicate the results with your surgeon.

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