Dietitian- Lee’s Summit, MO

Dietitian at Lee's Summit Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness CenterDietitian: You are what you eat. Rejuvenate’s registered dietician will work with you to understand what you are putting into your body and how to optimize your health through diet. We work with your goals and educate you on how to get control of your diet in order to achieve life lasting changes. The following is a list of dietary services currently offered by Rejuvenate.

Dietician: One on One Consultation

Client will provide information about goals, current eating habits, and a basic assessment will be performed (height, weight, BMI). Client will be given an individualized calorie goal for healthy weight loss if needed.

Nutrition Education

Clients will learn about healthful eating, food preparation, and any health conditions or food allergies will be addressed.

Nutrition Counseling

Client will learn how to incorporate nutrition education into their own lifestyles and how to make lasting, behavioral change in their eating habits. Continued counseling can help clients stay accountable to the changes they make and help them identify other healthy changes that are attainable and sustainable for them.