Psychologist- Lee’s Summit

Rejuvenate’s mind philosophy

pyschologist- Lee's Summit- Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness CenterLearn more about our psychologist and our philosophy of care. Our philosophy is simple. We teach you to be your own therapist. Therapy should not take years. Most of the people we have the privilege to meet are struggling in some way and we believe that you should get relief from that struggle as quickly as possible. We each practice cognitive behavioral therapy and utilize its well-researched techniques to get you where you want to be. The therapist and the patient form a team and through a combined effort work to take control of whatever the issue may be. We strive forward helping you to let go, move on, cope, grow, and learn to live your life on purpose.

Psychological Services – Rejuvenate’s psychologists strive to provide exceptional care to each individual by respecting the connection between the mind and body. With this connection in mind we offer evidence-based, time-limited treatments that are dependent on your individual needs. Rejuvenate offers:

  • Adolescent and Adult Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Psychological Testing
  • Bariatric Assessment
  • ADHD Testing
  • and Training Workshops.

Our professionals work in a number of local hospitals working with patients suffering from a number of psychological concerns that have manifested due to physical health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and obesity.


Anxiety takes many forms, Generalized Anxiety, Panic, PTSD, Phobias, OCD etc. Rejuvenate uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you learn to take control of the “stress response” which will lead to very dysfunctional interpretations and cause a “hijacking” of your functional thinking skills. We get this under control through teaching you how to properly interpret your environment and stop upsetting yourself. Anxiety typically gets worse over time causing your world to become smaller and smaller. We break down the walls of anxious thinking and help you to learn to love living in the space of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most researched and efficacious form of treatment in psychology today. It is based on the Cognitive Model of Emotional Response, which simply means that thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations, or events. This gives people much hope in the idea that learning to change your thinking can lead to better emotions even when the situation does not change.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered brief compared to other forms of therapy averaging 16 sessions to get the results desired. The reason for this effectiveness is due to an educational component and the use of homework. Think of this as learning to play an instrument, you must practice and learn if you are ever going to be able to play.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on teaching rational self-counseling skills. By learning these skills it will influence your emotions and change your behavior. The therapist will listen to the patient to understand what the patient wants and structure therapy in a way that helps the patient achieve their goals.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on an educational model understanding that most emotional and behavioral responses are learned. The therapist teaches the patient to unlearn dysfunctional behavioral patterns and learn new ways of thinking, interpreting, and responding. CBT has nothing to do with “just talking.” You can talk to your best friend. If you are paying your hard earned money you should be getting what you pay for.

This is how the professionals at Rejuvenate teach you to be your own therapist. We understand that once you learn how and why you feel and do the things you do, you are in more control and this leads to lasting results that can be used for a lifetime!!



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very effective for treating depression. The model of teaching at Rejuvenate is based on Beck’s theories related to depression. Beck’s theories stipulate that: “Negative thoughts, which are generated by dysfunctional beliefs, are typically the primary cause of depressive symptoms. Research has shown that a direct relationship occurs between the amount and severity of someone’s negative thoughts and the severity of their depressive symptoms.”

Rejuvenate’s professionals help you to understand the subtleties of your negative thinking, interpretations, and belief systems. We will teach you about the negative cognitive triad, cognitive distortions, and how to gain control of you thinking through examination of your dysfunctional belief structures.


Smoking Cessation

Are you caught in the grip of nicotine? Do you wish you could be free from your habit once and for all? Dr. Scott Symes can help you kick the habit once and for all. Through use of cognitive therapy, Dr. Symes works with you on what motivates you to smoke, learning about breaking your habit, increasing your will to quit, and turning you into a triumphant non-smoker.


Weight Loss

Rejuvenate’s professionals are passionate about the mind-body connection and incorporating a solid understanding that your thoughts lead to emotions and behaviors. If you are trying to change behavior without changing thought processes you are waging a losing battle. Learning to get control of your thinking that perpetuates unhealthy behavior allows the freedom to break free from behaviors that are detrimental to your life. We teach you the skills to get control of habit thinking, sabotaging thoughts, emotional reasoning, rationalizations, and dysfunctional beliefs that keep you perpetually stuck in a vicious circle with your weight and other health issues.


Woman’s Health

Rejuvenate is keenly aware of the issues women face in life, from post-partum depression, sexual abuse, and rape, to self-esteem and body image problems. All of the therapists at Rejuvenate have training in dealing with these issues and will utilize cognitive behavioral techniques to help you face them. There is no shame associated with what has happened in the past and the past should not hold you hostage. Come to Rejuvenate and learn to break free from that which causes you pain.