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Rejuvenate Weight Loss Program- Chelsea’s Testimonial

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Testimonials are listed below from our Rejuvenate patients.

60 pounds lost in 100 days!
Vance, 52 year old male

I lost 38 pounds in 6 weeks! I am feeling more energetic and I’ve able to run for the first time in years, while wearing 2 sizes smaller in shirts! If I’ve not said it yet, thank you. Not only for the program and health guidance, but also the friendship and support. It’s really put me in a better place quickly! ~Vance

Vance- Before

Vance- After 6 weeks

Vance before

Vance After 100 Days

Christine, 47 year old female

I started my weight loss journey on May 31, 2017 and met my goal weight on August 8, 2017. It’s now hard to imagine that I was comfortably fitting into these pants last spring. If you would have told me then that they would be falling down around my ankles in fall 2017, I would have laughed.

I had my husband take this picture to remind me that my success is real and to never forget or go back to that unhappy time of my life that was filled with daily self loathing. These pants, along with 75% of my wardrobe, are in a donation bag. It feels good to purge clothes that evoke negative emotions!!

Thank you Dr. Joe for being on the other end of my daily text messages and keeping me accountable! It seems so silly that a daily text message would be such a big deal but I think for me it helps to know that someone has my back and wants me to be successful as much as I want to be successful. Without the daily texts, I would have given in to the food pushers in my life and the never ending excuse that I can lose weight starting “tomorrow.”

SZ- 57 year old female

I have always struggled with my weight, as does my whole family, but when I was younger I was always able to lose if I stuck rigidly to a program and added vigorous exercise. Fast forward…I actually do not want to exercise vigorously at this age, but my weight was causing me to feel depressed and kept me from doing some of the things I wanted to do in my life.

For the last 6 or so years I have tried so many programs to lose weight and nothing seemed to work. My husband even jokingly asked if I was getting up in the middle of the night and eating in my sleep, because he saw I would stay 100% on this diet or that diet and not lose weight. Then I spoke to Dr. Joe and went to the free diet consult he offered. I was not sold at first because, well frankly I have tried everything..or so I thought.

So I went home and did some research and found that people seemed to be in the same boat as I was, trying everything and nothing worked. Then this diet helped them. One of the things that impressed me was the testimonials were not professionally done, they were just an average person being taped from a cell phone telling their story. I decided to give this a shot.
Well what an awesome surprise! I lost 40 lbs in my year of the program. This program seems to be exactly what my stubborn fat cells react to, and I consistently lost weight. I still would like to lose about 15 or 20 lbs and am still following the plan. This has taught me what my body needs for me to lose at this stage in my life. I have dropped at least four sizes in jeans and three in blouses.

The program itself was easy to follow once I became used to it and I learned how to eat and drink for my body to respond. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Joe and his wonderful staff. They we always there for me and quite frankly the daily check in was one of thet helpful tools for me. This is a lifetime diet for me. I will not always be on it 100% but I know how to get back to what helps me lose weight and keep it off! ~SZ

Letonia, 43 year old female

Testimonials- before Testimonials- after Testimonials- before Testimonials- afterTestimonials- after

I decided to start the weight-loss journey with Rejuvenate because my medicine dosage was increasing (high blood pressure), and my doctor was adding on additional meds (water pill) to keep my high blood pressure in control. I have had family members that have passed because of high blood pressure, and I did not want to go down that path. Before coming to Rejuvenate, I had tried no-carbs diet and cutting calories, without getting the results I wanted.

Since I started the program, I have a lot more energy! My confidence is at all time high, I have always been a cute “fluffy” woman now I am just “fluff.”

I have lost a total of 45lb and I went from a size 18 to 12, my goal is to be a size 8/10, so I still have little ways to go.

The program and the Rejuvenate team, hold you accountable, checking in consistently with you; also weighing your food makes you more aware. I also think the detoxing was a wonderful idea with any diet. I detox now every three months to keep my system clean.

I would recommend others that need/want to lose weight to meet with the Rejuvenate team to see how they can help. ~Letonia

Stacie, 47 year old Female

Testimonials- Stacy before  Testimonials- Stacy after

The weight loss program has been life changing for me. After years of struggling with my weight and trying so many ways to lose weight without long term success, I have found a program that has not only helped me lose weight but has helped me learn a healthier way of life and maintain my new reality.

I am so grateful to Rejuvenate and Dr Joe for encouraging me and supporting me on my journey. I am still working the program and look forward to what I can accomplish with my Rejuvenate team behind me. Thanks guys! ~Stacie

Kathy, 62 year old female and Gary, 60 year old male

Testimonials- Kathy Side Before  Testimonials- Gary Side Before

Testimonials- Kathy and Gary After

Gary and Kathy- After

My husband, Gary, and I went on the program with amazing results!  We couldn’t believe how fast the inches and the weight went away.  We followed the program 100%, never faltering.  We were determined!

Rejuvenate’s Weight Loss Center has an amazing program! I have been heavy all of my adult life and I have tried every diet out there-this one works!  The plan was really easy for us; the foods we should eat and the foods to avoid were laid out for us.  We actually look forward to weighing ourselves daily.  We love to see the numbers on our scale going down, instead of up…and the inches we have lost?  It is just amazing!

The DNA report will help us all of our lives-what to stay away from, what foods are best for our genetics, what percentage type of foods to eat, what type of exercise is best for us, and how many calories a day to eat.  We have been provided a blueprint for success for the future!

I am still losing weight!  I am down 30 pounds so far, and into size Large tops!  It has been 30 years since I’ve worn a Large, of anything!  It made me cry when I tried on the 1st Large and it fit! We have learned so much from this program.  First, realizing how much we had been eating before the program, and now, since the program has changed our portion control, feeling amazed we are full before we finish our meals.  No snacking for me, I don’t miss snacks.  I don’t miss eating sweets, and I loved chocolate!  I haven’t had any cravings through the whole program.

We walk and I ride the exercise bike.  We both have more energy and want more exercise. We worked together with this program and I now weigh less, feel great, and I am so proud of myself!  My husband feels great, and has been my biggest supporter.

Dr. Joe, Kelly, and the team have been great! We had daily support and encouragement!  We are eating healthy, and looking good!  All in only 2 months!  Thank you Rejuvenate! ~Kathy and Gary

Adam, 37 year old male

Fink Before After

I honestly felt like I’d tried everything to lose weight.  I was excited to start this program because some of my closest friends and colleagues had seen such great results.  They explained to me that it uses my genetics to customize a plan for me.  My favorite part is that I am eating actual food and not eating fake foods like shakes and bars.  I lost 50 lbs in 2 1/2 months, I feel great, and continue to lose the weight.  I finally found something that will work for me and last a lifetime. ~ Adam

Steve, 63 year old male, Debbie, 61 year old Female

We wanted to share our experience with the fat loss program through Rejuvenate.  My husband and I both found it to be life changing!  We were both wanting to lose weight, and couldn’t seem to do it on our own.  And, since we were already patients of Dr. Joe, who, by the way, we have the highest regard for, we decided to move forward.  We started the day after Thanksgiving–that was a challenge in itself to try and lose weight through the holidays, but, we did it.  And, by January 24, 2016, we had met our goals. I lost 20 lbs., and my husband lost 34 lbs!  To be totally honest, it is not easy, it is very challenging but totally worth how much better we feel! ~ Debbie and Steve

Mandi, 34 year old female

After I had my son, I tried many different things to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Being in healthcare, I know good calories vs bad calories but I could not get the weight off.  I was so excited to try this program when it was introduced to me!  Within a month I had hit my original goal of pre-pregnancy.  I have so much energy; I can out play my 3-year-old and my Jack Russell.  Now I’m going for pre-marriage weight. ~ Mandi